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Enlist Now!

enlistees-mAttention all- Please enlist, all men and women, now in the war against Satan and your soul shall be repented-

If you want to be one of these rich sinful human beings, go ahead (please don’t apply)- like people who buy prostitutes, eat caviar, and rent limos like ones from this company? click here.

Your pay will be determined by affliction and persecution. We tempted with the cares of this world and you’ll be seduced with the deceitfulness of riches and lusts of other things. But in that phase of enlistment you will be subjected to laughter ridicule and mock

Your victory will consist of the following.. But as it is written I have not seen nor has my ears heard neither have I entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

The defeat will consist of the following. As it is written the I have not seen and ear has not heard either have I entered into the heart of man things which God hath prepared for them that hate him. Reasonable inference made from that which was listed above under victory.

To sign up. The sign up is complete when one human soul or person repents sincerely regrets ones wrongdoings and sends yet also receives Jesus as the Lord of their life and Savior from there sins in their life.

The basic training the training will begin immediately upon if you sign up there is no delay whatsoever. Common questions. Any of the questions that you have can be directed to one of our soldiers who has been strategically placed in your sphere of existence swept giving the opportunity to claim the ignorance that you have. Building more happy to answer any of your questions and help you on your journey along the way. Thank you now for your consideration of the great cause

I always find it interesting just how in describing one’s potential the trajectory almost always traveled upward rather than the downward. If that’s the case in the absence of divine intervention, it seems that we think much more highly of ourselves than we got to almost always set ourselves up for failure and disappointment. I almost never never never ever see someone achieving the potential that they think they possess in the reality almost always falls far far short. But before destruction of the heart of man is Haughty and before honor is humility.

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