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The Finite Abilities

  • Mind is created – therefore finite.
  • Finite – limitation.
  • Limitation – under present conditions, can only go so far.

galacticTherefore, something has to happen, outside of the normality of our present condition, to stimulate a change (expansion), in the finite mind.

While physical change seems unlikely in a non physical entity such as the mind, we are forced to look elsewhere. So much of this is talked about on a great site called- 

Since I haven’t yet been able to unlock what the mind actually is – yet,  I’m forced to deal with what it appears to do. It appears to generate ideas. Since the ideas it generates appear to be limited (based on the minds finiteness), this would include the ability to study itself (perhaps that’s what’s stopping me from understanding what it really is. Lol )

Ultimately, it would appear that we need to go outside of what our minds are able to provide us with presently, in order to perceive beyond their present scope.

I’m thinking about the numerous things that at one time perplexed me, but now are easy for me to understand. Somehow, I was able to go outside of myself, receive information that was completely foreign and confusing to my understanding (outside of my minds ability), and over time, have it overcome my minds limitation against it, receive it, understand it, and appropriate it – thus perceiving beyond my minds formerly present scope.

This roughly seems to be the process for my statement.

(Note: There are huge theological components involved, but I was trying my best to keep it secular, and perhaps lay a foundation for future theological openings.)

The amount of time I have spent on these facts is innumerable. Those who know me, know that I am a woman of god. I believe in him, But not for the reason that others do.  ido not believe in the religious sanction of Jesus Christ’s existence. I believe in god, because of the creationists argument…

Please check back soon to read about my thoughts on the creationists argument in the next post…. Thanks
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