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The Joust

joustPreparation, strict discipline, the strategy.. It all comes down to defending one’s ideological position. In war as well, you must be “all in”. If not, you will be defeated. the precedence begs for the questions- in your own beliefs are you all in, or are you merely jousting?

I recently found myself in a heated war with my friend who owns a limousine business. He was arguing that his business was one that really mattered to society. I was arguing the contrary. I was explaining that society would die, if every limousine business went out of business today, its not a need, spiritually and mentally for humans to live. Of course he was arguing business-wise, that rich people couldn’t get to their events- this was hardly an argument…

There is no doubt that our capacity to perform has been surpassed by rules and regulations too numerous to not only not abide by, but to even know of their existence. It really stands to reason that perfection can only produce perfection. If it produces anythings less, itself is diminished. This would negate its own perfection. Consequently, it follows that imperfection can never produce perfection, not even accidentally, for “to will” must also be perfect.  There is a real downside to idolization, for it always prevents us, or at least delays us, from becoming what we truly ought to be..

To be there, by the grace of god, appears to demonstrate self centered-ness and much more than true humility or so it seems. For the maker of the pot has chosen the pots form and function and his grace to whomever and wherever, is sufficient enough.

So picture this moral dilemma- the situation of Ray Rice. I always felt confused about the situation. to most, It seems very straightforward- ray punched his wife, and he should be ashamed, exiled and forced to jail. There are many things, that I think that the general public, as observers of the human mind, must see in the situation and put together. there was never any explanation, as to what Ray rice’s wife had done, to make him hit her. Sure, the cynics will say, you should never hit a woman– but what’s the limit? Surely, if a woman threatened your life, is it allowed? You would hit a man for doing so.But also, what about what happened after? His wife forgave him. Why? Because he is rich, famous and powerful. Is her lust for being rich and powerful as well, not a sin. I think so…

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