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 We have our first ever guest post on Space Gateway- and it turns out it will be my about me! My buddy Mike’s here to tell you how he more than tripled his thoughts in god . Some step-by-step guidance for you, right here:

Confidence is a big issue when it comes to life, god and morals. Not enough and you’ll never have the balls to tell people, ‘I’m religious  — here’s why you should work with me!’ If you’re a naturally confident person like me, you won’t face that problem. But you might face others…

Other Good Offerings
  • I’m a sucker for articles on silly mistakes in thought and philosophy. Maybe you are too. If so, read this, and never again say ‘comprised of’.
  • Here’s some good old-fashioned truth for ya.
  • My good friend Rob of  the famed religeous sector for worship and universal thought — who was behind the scenes at the beginnings of the organization, was offering me guidance (actually, I still turn to him for guidance) — has launched a new site. I highly recommend signing up to get your hands on his free guide to rethinking your situation with god and take control of your life. Because it’s awesome, just like Rob. Woo!