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Walking Hypocrite

I must confess. As much as I have promoted spirituality and thinking outside the box in this blog, I am a walking hypocrite. Why you ask? Because, throughout all of my other blog posts, I have said nothing but negative things about greedy people, businessmen and entrepreneurs. These people of whom, I will never understand, as they have no need, want or ability to seek out higher thought and theology. But I couldn’t help but think…

What am I? I started wondering what I am. Am I more of a preacher, speaker, theologian, a martyr? I’d say a bit of each. But what really got me was this. Here I am, writing this blog, and acting outside the norm, teaching thoughts outside common thinking, and couldn’t help but make comparisons to other individuals that do this. What other people are as open minded as me and innovative in thought- entrepreneurs! So, even thought I still hate the greedy tyrants, not all entrepreneurs are greedy tyrants.

I started thinking more about this through this site I found. I began reading. It had some incredible and valid points about entrepreneurship, and I realized that I shared many of these thoughts and opinions. Maybe I need to open my eyes a bit more, huh!!!